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One of the things we like to do in Japan is go to yakiniku and stuff ourselves silly.


This machine is cool. Wish I could get one for Moo Cow.

Started taking cooking classes!

I'm excited to bake stuff~

New Year Lucky Bags

It's really too bad you can't find these in the US.


Well, that doesn't usually happen to me...

Yep, I'm that snotty.

I've decided to have an art contest. Now watch the entries pour in. *snort*

...yeah right.

Turkish Ice Cream

Moo Cow wanted to catch me getting teased on video.

Capybara Happiness

Sometimes you find the cutest things walking around in Tokyo.

Peking Duck

Before Moo Cow left Japan, we went for Peking Duck in Roppongi.

It's been hot lately.

Unseasonal heat is killing us.