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32" of LoL

Bought a TV, then funnies.


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Feb. 1st, 2010 06:36 am (UTC)
My understanding of analog/digital is that it's the same cable, just depends what signal is being sent through it. Most cable providers stateside are digital and that's why they usually provide a set top box which decodes it and can output the signal to an older tv if necessary (plus it adds dvr functionality, programming guide interfaces, etc). Used to be you didn't need a box you could hook your tv up to the wall and change channels right on your tv, but with digital you need a box in every room you have a tv. As far as antennas go (and I'm assuming it's the same over there, because if we're onto digital it means you have been for years) over-the-air broadcasts (ie not cable) are all in digital now, so assuming your apartment is outfitted with a new (read: functional) antenna, then you should be fine, I don't think it will matter what kind of coax you hook up to said antenna with. If you had an older tv you'd need an inline converter box to see a digital signal, but as it is you're golden.
Your tv probably came with multiple cables and coax inputs so you can hook up more than one SD source (ie cable box, old school vcr (and/or dvd) player, antenna, etc)
I think you already have it working by now, so this is all FYI of course.

And I'm no international copyright law attorney, but as far as I understand it, it's completely legal to have a digital "backup" of media you own, provided you don't share it via seeding torrents, or p2p style; that part's illegal. This is on account of the overhead for producing optical media and it's packaging is almost nil, you're really paying for the rights to the content*, so you can back it up in case the disc get's scratched or broken. Plus that way you can put in on your ipod or whatever.

*I believe this was the argument made by the industry when investigated for antitrust for the ~1,000% markup on optical media; you're not paying for the content not the raw materials, in which case it was decided then it's only fair to let people put that content wherever they please (again, provided they don't command or divert revenue), and to save it in the event that your shitty discs inevitably stop working.
Feb. 1st, 2010 02:58 pm (UTC)
Incidentally, that's not true. Japan still has analog and won't phase it out until 2011. Despite being super advanced, Japan sucks at phasing things out...people still have phone email addresses from a company that left Japan completely 4 years ago (they are now serviced by the new company, but if they change their email addresses they'll lose the old extension).

As for having it working, I have it working per se but it's not hooked up because I was at work and got the longer cable on my way there...and I don't feel like running the cable around my apartment right now...though I'm considering just running it ACROSS my apartment for the evening...but I'd still have to move my puter power somewhere else...
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