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The Dragon's Hoard

as told by Puck, the Dragon Mistress

2 April
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I cannot define myself by what someone thinks I should be. I like dragons, crazy outfits, roses, things that burn, and Persian and Japanese culture/history. I'm living and working in Japan now, miss my pet chinchillas terribly and like to make people happy, but don't be confused because my personality changes every day. I do not write in this journal to show people what they already see. I write it to show people what they might not see without my help. ^_~

acen, acting, aikido, air, ancient history, anime, anime conventions, art, ayn rand, baileys, balance, bamboo, barenaked ladies, beauty, belly dancing, blue moons, bonnie and clyde, books, brak, candles, cartoon network, celtic, cheese, chess, chocolate, clarinet, clouds, cons, cooking, cosplay, cuddling, dar williams, dark elves, ddr, desire, detroit, dragons, drawing, earth, edgar allen poe, fantasy, fashion, final fantasy, fine arts, fingers, fire, food, friends, full moons, furies, gackt, green day, greyhounds, guinness, hand and foot, happiness, harry potter, hedgehogs, history channel, ice cream, incense, intelligence, interior design, invader zim, iran, isfahan, jak and daxter, japan, japanese, jpop, jrock, katanas, kissing, laughing, learning, live models, lord of the rings, love, manga, megatokyo, michigan, michigan state university, middle-eastern culture, midnight, miyavi, monty python, moons, motorcycles, msu, music, myst, nature, necks, night, painting, paris, pcmb, peace, phish, playstation, playstation 2, plymouth, pottery, prodigy, ps2, purple, rain, raspberries, reading, renaissance festivals, rite of spring, riven, roses, saturns, sculpture, serenity, shogun, shoulders, sinfest, spirit, stars, style, sunrises, suns, sunsets, sushi, swing dancing, swordfighting, swords, taekwondo, tehran, the beatles, the matrix, the raven, the tiger, throwing knives, travel, trust, truth, vanilla, video games, violet, warhammer, water, weapons, wicca, wine, working out, wot, yu-gi-oh